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The LyX-Wiki tells me that it is possible for an index to reference an other one. A possible output could be


Bar, see Foo

Foo, 9

which is invoked by Bar|see{Foo}, so the wiki states. But this simply does not work for me. Just to make sure I didn't miss anything:

  1. I hit INSERT then selected INDEX near the word Foo.
  2. Then I typed Foo into the small "area".
  3. I did the same with Bar but here I typed Bar|see{Foo} into that area.

The result I get is



Bar is completely missing in the index.

What do I miss?

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A small piece of information is missing from the wiki, but can be found in the User guide (Help --> User guide, in LyX), section 6.6.3:

It is also possible to refer to another index entry. We referred for example in the index entry “GIF” (in section [sub:Image-Formats]) to the index entry “Image formats” in the same section using the entry

GIF|see{Image formats}

where the braces have to be inserted as TeX Code. The text within the braces is the referenced entry. The reference will appear in the output without a page number.

Emphasis mine.

In other words, in bar|see{foo} put {foo}, or just the braces in {foo}, in an ERT, e.g. by selecting it and hitting Ctrl + L.

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