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I've got a following fragment to display in two columns:

Some heading    Some longer
                  * with
                  * a
                  * list

I'm using the following def:

      {\tfx{\sc #1}}%

Where the content is:

Some longer description
   \item with
   \item a
   \item list

Unfortunately the that block ignores page breaking. Is there some way I can allow \DataPair to page-break at any point?

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Try to make a running simple example. The problem here has nothing to do with itemize. The problem here is that text inside defined paragraphs is not broken to the next page. MWE: \defineparagraphs[Two][n=1] \starttext \startTwo\dorecurse{6}{\input knuth}\stopTwo \stoptext – Marco Apr 1 '12 at 14:04

Why not just use a tabulate?

  \NC Some Heading \NC 
      Some longer description
      \input knuth
          \dorecurse{60}{\item Item \recurselevel}
  \NC \NR

You can wrap it around a macro as:

      \NC #1 \NC #2 \NC \NR
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