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I am wondering if it is possible in LaTeX to flush left equations when using the numcases or subnumcases environment provided by the cases package.

Hereafter I include a bit of code to explain the problem.


\tau = k \cdot i_a
\begin{numcases}{v_a = }
v_s - k_1 \cdot (i_a - i) & if ia\\
v_p     &   if ia $\le$ i
\begin{subnumcases}{v_a = }
v_s - k_1 \cdot (i_a - i) & if ia\\
v_p     &   if ia $\le$ i

Compiling this code, you will see that the first equation is flushed left while the other two are not. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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The cases package has a fleqn option:

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many thanks for your answer. It works perfectly. May I ask you where did you find the information because this option does not appear in the "cases" package manual ? – RolPasto Apr 3 '12 at 16:12
I just loaded cases.sty into emacs and searched for fleqn:-) – David Carlisle Apr 3 '12 at 16:45

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