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I have a document containing many forward slashes (/). I noticed that ConTeXt does not allow breaks after /. For instance, if a text contains bear/rabbit/tiger, it will not place a break and the text will flow off the edge into the margins.

  • How can I create a special environment, inside of which, the rules for line breaking allows a line break after a /, if deemed necessary, with slightly higher or equal preference to what is given to a space?
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The command \setbreakpoints is made for that. Setting \setbreakpoints [compound] enables a break point after /, +, (, ) and -. For more information see ConTeXt wiki Composed words.


\setuplayout [width=4cm]


\setbreakpoints [compound]




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If I want some block of text to behave in this way, but the rest of the document not to, how do I ensure only that part has this kind of line breaks? – Village Apr 4 '12 at 7:21
Set \setbreakpoints[compound] in a group (between {...} or \bgroup ... \egroup or \begingroup ... \endgroup. If this is part of an environment, you should be able to use the setups key. – Aditya Apr 4 '12 at 7:52

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