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In the following example, the 'ff' ligature in the figure labels (in 'differential') disappears when pdflatex is used, but the fault does not occur if latex-dvips-ps2pdf is used instead. Both lualatex and xelatex produce the correct results, using the pdf version of the figure. Is there a problem with the figure, or is this a bug in pdftex?



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Try \pdfinclusioncopyfonts=1

From page 32 of the pdftex manual:

\pdfinclusioncopyfonts (integer)

If positive, this parameter forces pdfTEX to include fonts from a pdf file loaded with \pdfximage, even if those fonts are available on disk. Bigger files might be created, but included pdf files are sure to be embedded with the adequate fonts; indeed, the fonts on disk might be different from the embedded ones, and glyphs might be missing.

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Thanks. I added the relevant quote from the pdftex manual to your answer before accepting, as it gives a perfect description of what's going on. – Ian Thompson Apr 5 '12 at 12:26
If I put \pdfinclusioncopyfonts=1 in the header or in the \includegraphics block, it doesn't work. Should I put it somewhere else? – Amir Sagiv Apr 27 at 8:38
@AmirSagiv: "it doesn't work" is the error description I hate most. – Ulrike Fischer Apr 27 at 8:48
@UlrikeFischer --- He has put the comment is in the wrong place. There is a new question on a similar subject, which is where it actually belongs. – Ian Thompson Apr 27 at 11:14
@UlrikeFischer, I had the same symptoms as the OP, but the solution didn't changed much. How else would you define it? If there's more information I can provide, I'd be more then happy to. – Amir Sagiv Apr 27 at 11:41

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