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I'm writing some algorithms using the algorithmicx package.

I'm trying to create an if statement with an And boolean operator but using \And is causing an Undefined Control Sequence error


\If{$i < j+bandSize$ \And $j < i+bandSize$}
    \State $DTW_{i,j}\gets min(DTW_{i,j-1},DTW_{i-1,j},DTW_{i-1,j-1})+(f[i]-s[j])^2$

What's causing this?

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I did not find any \And in algpseudocode or algorithmicx, but you can easily add one:

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Since \And is typically used as a parameterless macro almost like a binary relation in text, using \algnewcommand{\And}{\textbf{and}\xspace} seems a good idea (of course, including the xspace package). – Werner Apr 5 '12 at 20:36
Is it OK in pseudocode to use the logical and operator instead? – Chris Apr 6 '12 at 12:03
@Chris I think it depends on the pseudocode style you use. If you're not restricted, you can use it. – logo_writer Mar 3 at 0:58

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