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I have an input file like this:

some_entry 123
another_entry 456
yet_another_entry 789

and I want to typeset it as a table with:

\pgfplotstabletypeset[col sep=space]{FILENAME}

Problem is that LaTeX seems to interpret the underscores as a command to typeset subscript.

Escaping the underscores in the input file does not work.

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\begingroup\makeatletter\@makeother\_\pgfplotstabletypeset[col sep=space]{FILENAME}\endgroup might work –  egreg Apr 8 '12 at 16:09
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1 Answer

\pgfplotstabletypeset[col sep=space,columns/colname1/.style={string type}]{FILENAME}

And the file should look like that:

colname1 colname2
some\_entry 123
another\_entry 456
yet_another\_entry 789
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