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I could not find a biblatex style showing the language of a reference from which it is translated when the translator field is used even though the fields language and orilanguage are correctly filled in. In the biblatex guide (v1.7), I can see p. 183 that strings such as fromenglish are allowed but I cannot figure out how to have them in the final output.

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I don't know how your .bib file looks like. But try using it like this:




@book {foo,
    author = {Foo, Francis},
    title = {All about Foo},
    year = {2011},
    location = {Footown},
    translator = {Translator, Hans},
    origlanguage = {german},




Maybe there's a spelling mistake in your file as you wrote orilanguage instead of origlanguage.

The fromenglish etc. strings you mentioned are just used in the .lbx files for localization. In my example it just prints "from the German" as it is used in the bibliography.

enter image description here

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you were correct. The orilanguage was the problem. Thanks. Sorry for the noise. – pluton Apr 9 '12 at 17:06

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