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I am looking for some dimensions associated to page layout using the KOMA Script classes. However, I find it very difficult to find the individual commands.

Does there exist something like such an overview (source: Wikipedia)? enter image description here

Specifically, I am looking for the command for dimension that goes from the text-area to the margin. In the figure above this would be (3) + (1).

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I too found the margin setting commands in the KOMA classes to be very confusing -- BCOR? typearea? DIV?! My solution was just to use the geometry package which works fine with the KOMA classes (and is recommended in the KOMA documentation). – Paul M. Apr 10 '12 at 14:20
The dimensions are the same as always. typearea is only a package which calculates for this dimensions values following some typografical rules. The left margin (3+1 in your picture) is 1in + \oddsidemargin. – Ulrike Fischer Apr 10 '12 at 14:45
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With layout package

As @Speravir said, the layout package does exactly this: it prints the page layout, with all lengths. This is the best answer, since this package is part of LaTeX tools bundle, therefore "a part of all great TeX distributions".

Here's a MWE:


And here's the output:

KOMA-Script Report Class Layout with layout package

With layouts package

The layouts (plural) package extends the funtionality of layout, allowing you to do much, much more. To begin with, you can print the page layout alone (with \pagelayout) or just a table with the values of the page parameters (with \pagevalues) — but it does much more than just that. \pagedesign gives a simplified version of the layout package's \layout command.


KOMA-Script Report Class Layout with layouts package and \pagedesign

And a combination of the commands mentioned before gives an output similar to the one given by the layout package:


KOMA-Script Report Class Layout with layouts package and \pagediagram and \pagevalues

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Nice answer! I’d give you two upvotes, if possible. – Speravir Apr 11 '12 at 21:13

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