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I'm writing a paper with a lot of x86-64 code listings in it. Unfortunately, the listings package itself does not have support for x86-64 instructions and register names (which are just named different than the 32 bit counterparts).

Does anyone have the code to configure the package to support that?

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The package itself provides the possibility of define new languages. Thus you just have to follow the rules explained in the documentation. – Claudio Fiandrino Apr 12 '12 at 11:54
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The documentation for listings describes the \lstdefinelanguage macro, which can be used to define new languages as extensions of others.



   [x64]{Assembler}     % add a "x64" dialect of Assembler
   [x86masm]{Assembler} % based on the "x86masm" dialect
   % with these extra keywords:
                  rax,rdx,rcx,rbx,rsi,rdi,rsp,rbp, %
                  r8,r8d,r8w,r8b,r9,r9d,r9w,r9b}} % etc.


  cdqe 1, r8
  push 1
  add rsp, 4
  push 1

Which looks a little like:

output of the above LaTeX

(I've just added the instructions listed here and only some of the registers, you can easily add any more that you use.)

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