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I've been playing with Impressive. It allows you to do all sorts of funky eye-candy things. The overview page feature is useful, but it's awkward if you have many slides to one frame. The overview contains one page for each page of the PDF. It would be nice if I could automatically get a list of which pages are supressed by the handout option and pass that to impressive to have them ignored by the overview page. I'm sure this is a feature that will be put into Impressive soon, but for now, is there a hacky way to get a list of pages that handout ignores?

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+1; I have 10 or so slides on some frames; then it's indeed rather useless if each page is shown in the overview. – Hendrik Vogt Nov 11 '10 at 9:27
In ConTeXt, I wrote the overview module to provide similar functionality. – Aditya Jun 26 at 2:01
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I found the answer myself. There's a makebeamerinfo perl script that makes the .info file for me.

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