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I have a simple document class adapted from article, but independent (.cls file). The document is twocolumn, but when I add a title with

    {\LARGE \@title \par}%

This makes the entire document onecolumn. How should I set the titlepage environment to be onecolumn without affecting the entire document?

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The definition of the titlepage environment in article.cls depends on whether compatibility mode is on/off, but both variants include

\if@restonecol\twocolumn \else \newpage \fi

in the code to be executed at the end of the environment. In your version of titlepage, you simply switch to \onecolumn (which makes \@restonecoltrue superfluous) at the start of the environment, so you need to switch back to \twocolumn at the end. I suggest, however, to simply use the original non-compatibility variant of titlepage, as this will make your custom class also work in onecolumn mode.

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very clear information! I wonder how I missed that critical line :) – All Apr 16 '12 at 17:11

You can define \maketitle using the optional argument to the command \twocolumn:

  \twocolumn[\vbox to \textheight{\vfil
    \begin{center}\LARGE \@title \par\end{center}%

The command \twocolumn does 3 things:

  1. starts a new page if necessary
  2. typesets its optional argument in one-column mode
  3. the rest of the new page is in two-column mode
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