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I’m using KOMA-Script (scrreprt) and its excellent set of macros to define a rich title page:





Unfortunately, this leaves rather large vertical spaces above and below the actual content (made visible by the showframe option of the geometry package).


(Image cropped and rescaled)

This is very annoying, since now the content doesn’t align with the previous and next page. Is there a way to prevent that, i.e. stretch the title page’s content so that it touches the frame above and below?

I tried introducing a vertical space above the publishers:


This does indeed produce the desired stretch, but no matter how large I set the stretch factor, a too large space still remains.

How can I change that, and still use the KOMA title page macros, without major rewrite?

What’s a “major rewrite”?!

Consider this: \maketitle in KOMA-Script produces up to six pages (half-title, title, title back, dedication …). I’m not opposed to rewrite the \maketitle macro, as long as the rewrite is along the following lines:


That is, re-use the existing \maketitle and just tweak it. I don’t want to have to produce the aforementioned six pages manually.

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Define the term »major rewrite«. Would this apply to modifying the \maketitle command? – Thorsten Donig Nov 11 '10 at 21:29
@Thorsten: excellent question. see the new paragraph I added to the question (“What’s a ‘major rewrite’?!”). – Konrad Rudolph Nov 12 '10 at 10:04
See also: Remove margins for title page. – Stefan Kottwitz Aug 10 '11 at 16:37
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You can't change that and continue using \maketitle. The \vfill and arguments of \vskip are hardcoded in the definition of this macro: no option can change them or suppress them.

I guess your best bet is to do the title page yourself using the titlepage environment. You can still look at the definition of \maketitle in scrreport.cls (kpsewhich will tell you the location of this file), especially if you want to reuse the arguments of \title and the like (don't forget to use \makeatletter). Also, don't use the center environment since it adds vertical space, use the \centering command instead.

I'm aware that it probably doesn't satisfy your "without major rewrite" requirement, but there is no way to satisfy it. Sometimes even KOMA is not as configurable as one may wish.

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Pity that there’s no way to configure it. Well, for now I’m going with this approach since it’s indeed the easiest (just remove the \vfill and \null commands before and after, change \begin{center} into \begingroup\centering). I’ll switch to Stefan’s solution on the long run, though. – Konrad Rudolph Nov 12 '10 at 10:31

KOMA-Script offers a new package called titlepages, which is still in early development. For instance, it provides an environment called fullsizetitle which covers the whole page without being restricted by the margins. There are some blog entries of the developer providing some information in German:

Perhaps have a look at the last link, at the examples page to get an impression.

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