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I have a series of mdframed frames in the document. Some frames are few pages long, and some pages have two frames within.

How can I display the frametitle of the corresponding page in the header as we display sections in the header.

\begin{mdframed}[style=example,frametitle=Some Title]
\begin{mdframed}[style=example,frametitle=Some Title]
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are you using fancyhdr? – cmhughes Apr 19 '12 at 17:07
@cmhughes yes, I have it too. – All Apr 19 '12 at 17:12
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The package mdframed stores the frame title in the command \mdf@frametitle. To bring this title to the header I used the internal command \@mkboth. This command is used inside the definitions of headings. Based on the token @ you have to use makeatletter/makeatother.



\begin{mdframed}[style=example,frametitle=Some Title 1]
\begin{mdframed}[style=example,frametitle=Some Title 2]

\begin{mdframed}[style=example,frametitle=Some Title 3]
\begin{mdframed}[style=example,frametitle=Some Title 4]

enter image description here

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