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background package defines a background with absolute position in preamble, but how to set two independent backgrounds at different positions? Consider we have two backgrounds as


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The background material can be pretty much anything; in particular, it can be a tikzpicture environment, and inside this environment you can use two independent \nodes to place your material:


\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]
\node[text=red] at (0,0) {content1};
\node[text=blue] at (2,-2) {content2};




enter image description here

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This method does not apply to simple text, but resolved my problem as I'm using tikz too. I wanna take the chance to thank you for your excellent package. It's very flexible, and I am using it for various purposes. This is the reason that I need more than one :) – All Apr 20 '12 at 6:35
Just for sake of clarification! Your codes did not work for me until setting a value for SetBgPosition. – All Apr 20 '12 at 7:12

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