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Say I have an image my_image.png that I am loading in my LaTeX document using:


Is there a way of telling LaTeX to only render a specific rectangular portion (in percentages) of the original image?

For example, say I want to just render a cropped image:

  • Trim 5% of the original image width from the left
  • Trim 10% of the original image width from the right
  • Trim 15% of the original image height from the top
  • Trim 20% of the original image height from the bottom
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have a look at the package adjustbox with the option export. – Marco Daniel Apr 20 '12 at 14:10
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\adjustbox{trim={.05\width} {.2\height} {0.1\width} {.15\height},clip}%


Since \includegraphics produces no depth, you can use the fact that \adjustbox knows the \width and the \height of the image.

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