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Is it possible to draw a graph with pgfplots using data from different files ?

Let say I have two data files : data.dat and error.dat and would like to plot column 1 versus column 0 from data.dat and add error bars from error.dat.

If the data all came from the same file all.dat, I would use :


\addplot  table[x index=0,y index=1, y error index=3]{\mytable};
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It is possible. You can make a column from a different table available on the fly using

    create on use/<new column name>/.style={
        create col/copy column from table={<file or table>}{<column name>}

So, to get something like

you could do something like

X   Y
1   3
2   7
3   4
4   5
5   5
6   9




    create on use/errors/.style={
        create col/copy column from table={error.dat}{Errors}

\addplot +[
    error bars/.cd,
        y explicit,
        y dir=both
    ] table [y error=errors] {\datatable};

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