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I have a table with numerical data and text in different columns, like this:

0   0   0.1
1   0   \pi
2   0   \frac{\pi}{2}

I'd like to put text labels on a plot using the text in the third column at the position given by the first two columns (I need to overlay these text labels on a plot at given positions). Is it possible with pgfplots?

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Yes, that is possible. You'll need to tell pgfplots to expect symbolic meta data (so it doesn't try to parse it as numbers), which you do using the key point meta=explicit symbolic.

Since you're using math commands in your labels, you'll have to make sure they are typeset in math mode. You can do this using nodes near coords=$\pgfplotspointmeta$.

0   0   0.1
1   0   \pi
2   0   \frac{\pi}{2}

    nodes near coords=$\pgfplotspointmeta$,
    point meta=explicit symbolic
\addplot table [meta index=2] {data.dat};
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