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I'm using fancyhdr in a document I'm writing and what I want to do is place numbering (which is placed in the footer) only in the main body of the document. Not in the bibliography. In other words I just want to remove the footer (and only the footer, not the header) from the pages covered by the bibliography. How can I achieve that?

The code I'm using is the following:


\chead{Header of every page}
\cfoot{\footnotesize Page \thepage\ of \pageref{EndDocument}}

\newcommand{\harvard}{{\sf harvard}}
\newcommand{\Harvard}{{\sf Harvard}}



Here is the main body of the document. I think there is no need to place it.

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Just issue \fancyfoot{} after \newpage. This clears the (entire) footer only from that page onward in the fancy page style, while still maintaining the header. In this case, \cfoot{} would also suffice.

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