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I am using the ModernCV class for creating a resumé in LaTeX. I found three styles provided by Miktex for this purpose. My question is: how is the section header created in the document? All I see is a colored box followed by the given section text, but I can't find anything in the class or style regarding the above colored box. I found the below line in the file moderncv.cls but it doesn't have any information about colored box.

% makes a cv section
% usage: \section{<title>}
% starred variant, which is identical but defined to allow its use (e.g. for natbib compatibility, who uses \section*{} for the bibliography header)
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moderncv.cls defines section via


\rule{\hintscolumnwidth}{1ex} makes a rule (rectangle) of the colour specified by \color{sectionrectanglecolor} which in turn is defined by the various options of the class.

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