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Can anyone write a macro that will modify the xcolor package so that using !x will darken colors when x < 100 and lighten colors when x is between 100 and 200?

e.g., I would like to be able to do red!50 and red!150 to get a dark and light red color respectively instead of having to do red!50!black.

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Here a suggestion. I defined a command \mycolorcmd which behaves like \color but with the test if the number is greater than 100. The following output is created by:

\mycolorcmd{blue} Text Text

\mycolorcmd{red!140} Text Text

\mycolorcmd{blue!40} Text Text

enter image description here

%    \color{#1}%
   \edef\@tempa##1!{ \@tempcnta=##1}%
    \@tempa #2\relax
    \ifnum \@tempcnta > 100\relax%
      \advance \@tempcnta by -100\relax%
\mycolorcmd{blue} Text Text

\mycolorcmd{red!140} Text Text

\mycolorcmd{blue!40} Text Text
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