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In a paper I am in the process of writing in LaTeX, I need to draw and incorporate some diagrams of hyperbolic surfaces in my LaTeX document. Is there any software I can use to draw hyperbolic surfaces, either closed, or with boundaries or punctures ? Are there any such freely downloadable softwares that I can use to draw such diagrams ? Please let me know if you know one. I apologize if this is off-topic. Thank you !

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Hi TeXTex, Welcome to TeX.SE! It's a reasonable question- can you give an example of such a surface? Presumably it'll be in the form f(x,y)=....? If so, either tikz or PStricks will almost certainly do the job. – cmhughes May 3 '12 at 16:56

When you are writing in LaTeX, basically there is a package for everything. Especially for plotting there is the beautiful pgfplots package: http://pgfplots.sourceforge.net/

Here's an example:

%%% Declare tikspicture enviroment %%%
    %%% Declare axes %%%
    \begin{axis}[axis background/.style={fill=blue!10}]
    %%% Declare 3D surface, work on samples to adjust the quality %%%

Which gives as result: enter image description here

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