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I want to delete empty space around graph automatically.my external picture is below graph without green box. I want delete this empty space green box automatically not by using xmax and xmin. enter image description here

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You want option enlargelimits = false, which turns off the automatic enlargement of the range.

The standard setting of enlargelimits is true, which will automatically enlarges adds a percentage on to the highest/lowest values for both x- and y-axes. I'm afraid I don't know what percentage gets added, but I think it's around 10%. So for example if the maximum x value in the input was 10, the x-axis upper limit would be 11. The over all result is to produce a 'border' around the material.

Setting enlargelimits = false means that pgfplots sets the limits to the maximum/minimum values in the input. So in my example, the plot would stop at exactly 10.

Other options are to have one limit automatic (settings upper and lower), or to do things on an axis by axis basis (for example using `enlarge x limits). This is covered in the pgfplots manual, page 216.

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