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I want to obtain the current page number, for use in Lua conditionals, e.g.:

    if 10 <= \pagenumber < 20 then
        context("The pages are between 10 and 20")

How can I display and work with the current page number in ConTeXt?

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If you are using ConTeXt MkIV, you should use the latest version of the ConTeXt Standalone distribution. – Aditya May 6 '12 at 4:33
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You can access the current page number with tex.count.pageno.

    if 10 <= tex.count.pageno and tex.count.pageno < 20 then
        context("The pages are between 10 and 20")

Another thing: You have to combine the two tests with an and. A simple concatenation like in your example does not work.

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