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I would like for some items in my book to begin only on recto, or right-hand pages, such as, e.g.:

  • The first page.
  • The table of contents.
  • The beginning of a \part.

I believe such a configuration is a default in most LaTeX document classes. How can I ensure that all of these items are placed on recto pages in ConTeXt?

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Set doublesided layout and use \page[right] – Aditya May 6 '12 at 4:31
You might also use the \definepagebreak mechanism. For an example see Context wiki - Titles – Marco May 6 '12 at 13:20
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As Aditya already pointed out, using a doublesided layout is necessary. Otherwise there is no concept of a right page. By default the first page, the table of contents (when \completecontent is used) and the parts already start on a right page.

However, the placement is customizable. All structure head commands have a page key that either take left, right, yes or a page break definition as an argument. For more details see the ConTeXt wiki - Titles. Using a \definepagebreak definition is more powerful, since you can set the page headers as well.

And you can always use the \page command in your document. To separate content and layout I would advice to avoid the use of direct instructions like \page if possible.


% switch from singlesided to doublesided layout
\setuppagenumbering [alternative=doublesided]

% you have lots of options to influence the appearence of the page
% \definepagebreak [chapterpagebreak] [yes, header, right]
\definepagebreak   [chapterpagebreak] [right]

% either use a page break definition
\setuphead [chapter] [page=chapterpagebreak]

% or a direct instruction without page break definition
% \setuphead [chapter] [page=right]

\setuphead [part]    [page=right, placehead=yes]


  \startstandardmakeup [align=middle, style=\bfd]
    First page


  \startpart [title=Part one]
    \startchapter [title=First]
      \input ward

    \startchapter [title=Second]
      \input ward

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