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I would like to display the figure in my LaTeX file. I use the class


and downloaded psfig.sty and add to /miktex 2.9/tex/latex/base and then from Setting -> Refresh FNDB. I also include this part of code


then I used this code to insert the image

\caption{my figure label}

and no image is shown.

I have tried to include this as well \usepackage{graphicx} but nothing happens in fact, I have download the template and recompiled it but no images also appear.

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psfig is an ancient package which was mainly used in LaTeX 2.09 (ie prior to 1993) when LaTeX did not have a standard graphic inclusion mechanism. Are you sure you need to use it now. The graphics and graphicx packages are a required part of every latex distribution so you should not have to download anything, just add


in your preamble, and


where you want the image to appear.

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