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I'm using xelatex with texlive 2011 vanilla on the latest ubuntu precise pangolin.

I fork and try to use the great cv template from https://github.com/afriggeri/cv This template uses TikZ for the header, XeTeX and fontspec with Helvetica Neue font (extracted from dfont with fondu program).

When i try to compile with xelatex cv.tex i have one error like this :

Package: `textpos' 1.7g <2010 September 30>
Grid set 16 x 16 = 38.39343pt x 49.68562pt
TextBlockOrigin set to 0pt x 0pt
! Illegal parameter number in definition of \aside.
<to be read again> 
l.169 }

Which refers to this portion of source code into friggeri-cv.cls

    \par\vspace{\baselineskip}{\Large\headingfont\color{headercolor} #1}
  \begin{textblock}{3.6}(1.5, 4.33)
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The #1 there is the first argument of \aside but it is declared with no arguments, hence the error. If you make a nested definition and want to refer to the first parameter of the inner macro use ##1.

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Thanks, it's work now ! – reyman64 May 6 '12 at 15:57

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