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I like currvita class very much.

I have problem with creating section without bullets. I would like to add section "additional information" and use full available width.

I've found three solutions, each of them is not perfect :

\settowidth{\cvlabelwidth}{\cvlabelfont {May 2012-present XX}}
\begin{cv}{John Doe}

\begin{cvlist}{Additional Information} % ok
\item[] %empty bullet is wrong (due to spacing, but it's required by cvlist)
\lipsum[1-2] % ok

\begin{cvlist}{Additional Information} % ok
\lipsum[1-2] % test is wrong (not full width, because it's bullet)

\section*{Additional Information} %heading is wrong
\lipsum[1-2] % ok

\begin{cvlist}{Other section example} %other sections are ok
\item[Feb 2006--Feb 2012] {\bf Lipsum}\\
\item[May 2000--May 2006] {\bf Lipsum}\\


While "other" sections are ok and I would like to not affect their rendering.

How to make section without bullets using full width ? (setting \cvlabelwidth = 0 still makes no full width, due to bullet indentation. )

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You can use \subsection* instead of \section*:

\subsection*{Additional Information}
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