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When I zwitched from article to \documentclass[fontsize=2pt]{scrreprt}, I am getting around the xtable -things:


Trial (code here)

$ R CMD Sweave code.Rnw
$ pdflatex code.tex          # or if you get the Schunk/Soutput, rm manually
$ evince code.pdf

How can I force the new package not to output that kind of Schunk/Soutput -block? It is slow to remove them, otherwise not displaying the tables.

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I do not think the document class is relevant; instead of <<echo=False>>=, you should use <<echo=FALSE, results=tex>>= to tell Sweave that the output will be tex code which should not be wrapped in the Soutput environment.

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Worked! Thank you +1. I did dot realize the article -class handled this thing implicitly, well always something to learn, better make things more explicit in the future by this. – hhh May 9 '12 at 3:09

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