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Consider the following code:


    *+{#2\,} \ar@{|-}[r]_-*-{\scriptstyle #1} & *+{\,#3} %

Let $\partinto[n]{\lambda}{d}$ be a partition of $d$ into at most $n$ parts.
Also, \[ \bigoplus_{\partinto[n]{\lambda}{d}} V_\lambda. \]

My problem is, the xymatrix in the index of the big direct sum symbol does not scale. Is there any way I can make it automatically scale? I could certainly make a new command \scrpartinto which works as an index, but I would like to know a way to make \partinto scale automatically once it is used as an index.

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     *+{\displaystyle#2\,} \ar@{|-}[r]_-*-{\scriptstyle #1} & *+{\displaystyle\,#3}}
     *+{\textstyle#2\,} \ar@{|-}[r]_-*-{\scriptstyle #1} & *+{\textstyle\,#3}}
     *+{\scriptstyle#2\,} \ar@{|-}[r]_-*-{\smash{\raisebox{-.4ex}{$\scriptscriptstyle #1$}}} & *+{\scriptstyle\,#3}}

I've added nothing for scriptscript style, just adapt the code for script style, if you really need it.

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brilliant, this is perfect! – Jesko Hüttenhain May 9 '12 at 14:05

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