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I use nomencl with nomgroups and nomunit. The only way I achieved to properly align it is given in the picture. It was produced using the methods of the documentation. enter image description here

The file.ist is standard, while tex-file looks like this:

%Pagenumber in nomenclature
\renewcommand{\pagedeclaration}[1]{{\hfill #1}}
 \renewcommand{\nomentryend}{[\parbox{.08\textwidth}{\centering $#1$}]}}

    \hfill \textbf{Abkürzungen} \hfill \hbox{}}
        \hfill \textbf{Physikalische Größen} \hfill \hbox{}}
            \hfill \textbf{Regelungstechnik} \hfill \hbox{}}
            \hfill \textbf{Schriftauszeichnungen} \hfill \hbox{}}

\nomenclature[R]{$\rho_L$}{Dichte der Luft\nomunit{\frac{kg}{m^3}}}%
\nomenclature[X]{$\eta_L$}{Dynamische Viskosität der Luft\nomunit{\frac{kg}{m \cdot s}}}%
\nomenclature[X]{$\eta_L$}{asdf\nomunit{\frac{kg}{m \cdot s}}}%
%% EOF

Unfortunately the page number is before the unit. (Note the [refpage,intoc], which may be removed.)

Can someone give a complete solution either the normal way or with a longtable and explain how I can manipulate the column ordering.

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Please post a complete (small) document that generates this, so people can test their solutions. – David Carlisle May 12 '12 at 10:58
@DavidCarlisle just edited. Please ignore the umlauts. – severin May 12 '12 at 16:03

You have to "back up":


The \nomentryend bit will have zero width. Adjust the 3em spacing to suit.

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