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The developing of LaTeX3 goes on. However some feature will be improved or added. The LaTeX3 team can't upload every day a new version to CTAN.

How can I install the newest version LaTeX3?

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The LaTeX3 team is well presented in the web. The current development branch is available at LaTeX Project - Source repository

To download the newest version you can use svn.

For Unix users

The following command download the complete trunk folder to the current folder of your opened terminal

~$ svn co http://www.latex-project.org/svnroot/experimental/trunk/

The LaTeX3 team provide a great combination of Makefile so you can use the following command to install the current branch to your local texmf tree.

~$ cd trunk
~$ make localinstall

A small script can be

# small script to use the newest svn-version of LaTeX3
echo "Install LaTeX3"
cd $HOME
mkdir tmpinstallfolder-latex3
cd tmpinstallfolder-latex3
svn co http://www.latex-project.org/svnroot/experimental/trunk/
cd trunk
make localinstall
cd $HOME
rm -rfv tmpinstallfolder-latex3
echo "Install LaTeX3 done"

For Windows users

To download the svn repository you can use the GUI TortoiseSVN or the command line version SlikkSVN. The repository is


The LaTeX3 team provides a file make.bat which works like the Unix file Makefile. You can use

make localinstall
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