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I am using the listings package to include sample Perl source code in LaTeX. I included the package with \usepackage{listings}, and used the following code:

$subject = "<owamp:subject xmlns:owamp=\"http://ggf.org/ns/nmwg/tools/owamp/2.0/\" id=\"subject\">\n";

The resulting output is:

Screenshot of the output

The line doesn't seem to breaking, but I read that lines break automatically when using the listings package. This line is the entire PDF snapshot of the code.

Am I doing anything wrong as far as the code is concerned?

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Use breaklines=true:

enter image description here



\begin{lstlisting}[numbers=left, breaklines=true]
$subject = "<owamp:subject xmlns:owamp=\"http://ggf.org/ns/nmwg/tools/owamp/2.0/\" id=\"subject\">\n";
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Thanks! I thought line breaks are true by default... – user840546 May 13 '12 at 17:15

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