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I'm trying to make a nice state diagram with some arrows

I cannot find a way to make the arrows pointing to the same state: in my case, I would like a self-refering arrow to altcache

I'm not fixed about the fancybox, but it would nicely fit in the rest of the thesis.

Thanks a lot for your help

Here is an example of code and the result:

enter image description here

I just need a circle dashed arrow at altcache...


  {\doublebox{\text{\begin{minipage}{\boxsize}\centering #1\end{minipage}}}}
  {\ovalbox{\text{\begin{minipage}{\boxsize}\centering #1\end{minipage}}}}


\switch{lscache} \ar@{.>}[d] \ar@{.>}[rdd] &  &\\
\switch{tccache} \ar@{.>}[rd] & & \\
\switch{altcache} & \ar@{.>}[l] \switch{cache}  & \\

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You can specify the exit/entrance directions by adding @(out,in) to the arrow command, where in and out are two direction specifiers (ul, dl, ur, dr, etc.). In order to create a circular arrow above the box altcache, add @(ul,ur):

  \switch{lscache}  \ar@{.>}[d] \ar@{.>}[rdd] & &\\
  \switch{tccache}  \ar@{.>}[rd]     & & \\
  \switch{altcache} \ar@{.>}@(ul,ur) & \ar@{.>}[l] \switch{cache}  & 

enter image description here

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Wonderful: thanks a lot! – Louis May 29 '12 at 7:12
You're welcome. :) – Martin May 29 '12 at 10:21

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