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I have one .tex file which uses a beamerdefs.sty file. I now want to have a background picture (only) on the title page, but the problem is, the begin document section starts later and if I try to insert it before in the tex file or in the beamerdefs.sty file it just does not appear. I added \usepackage{wallpaper} already, here the code:

% Type of the document

% elementary packages:
% additional packages

% packages supplied with ise-beamer:

% Change the pictures here:
% logobig and logosmall are the internal names for the pictures: do not modify them. 
% Pictures must be supplied as JPEG, PNG or, to be preferred, PDF
% Supply the correct logo for your class and change the file name to "logo". The logo will appear in the lower
% right corner:

% Title page outline:
% use this number to modify the scaling of the headline on title page
% the title page has two columns, the following two values determine the percentage each one should get

% Define the title.Don't forget to insert an abbreviation instead 
% of "title for footer". It will appear in the lower left corner:
% Define the authors:
\authora{Author\footnote[1]{footnote}} % a-c

% Define any internet addresses, if you want to display them on the title page:
% Define the institute:

\institute{\textbf{School of Business and Economics}\\

insert here\\
Chairholder: professor\\
Supervisors: another one\\
\textcolor{darkblue}{\textit{text blab alblal bla text}}
date and time\\
\textit{$^1$insert footnote here}}

% Comment the following command, if you don't want, that the pdf file starts in full screen mode:

%Start of the document

% create the title slide, layout controlled in beamerdefs.sty and the foregoing specifications

so here comes the beamerdefs.sty file:

% Do NOT modify, unless you know what you do!




% predefined commands:
\newcommand{\quantnet}{\hspace*{\fill} \raisebox{-1pt}{\includegraphics[scale=0.05]{qletlogo}}\,}

\newcommand{\BBI}[1]{\textit{#1} on BBI:\raisebox{-5pt}{\includegraphics[scale=0.11]{BBI_logo}}}

\newcounter{mexample} % define a new counter for the examples
\setcounter{mexample}{0} % initialize counter
\renewenvironment{example}{\refstepcounter{mexample}\color{isegreen}Example \themexample \par\vspace*{0.5em}}{\vspace*{0.5em}} % redefine example

% next line = with each \Section the pagecounter is reset
\renewcommand{\section}[1]{\oldSection{#1} \setcounter{page}{1}}%

% next line = pagecounter is not reset when a new section starts

%We want no bullets or triangles

%We set the colors of the enumarte and itemize environment
\setbeamercolor{enumerate item}{fg=black}
\setbeamercolor{itemize item}{fg=navyblue}
\setbeamercolor{itemize subitem}{fg=navyblue}
\setbeamercolor{itemize subsubitem}{fg=navyblue}

% We want the example environment in green


\setbeamercolor*{example text}{fg=green!40!black}
\setbeamercolor*{block body example}{fg=green!40!black}

% Depending on your graphic file you may need to change the 3.2 and -2.8 values, 
% but the abs. difference of 0.4 is needed!
\insertsection\ \leavevmode\leaders\hrule height3.2pt depth-2.8pt\hfill\kern0pt\ \thesection-\thepage}% was \thesection-\thepage}

\usefoottemplate{% control footer layout
\raisebox{0.75cm}{\parbox{\textwidth}{\footnotesize{\color{isegray} \insertshorttitle\ \leavevmode\leaders\hrule height3.2pt depth-2.8pt\hfill\kern0pt\ \raisebox{-7pt}{\pgfuseimage{logosmall}}%

\usecaptiontemplate{% controls the layout of captions



           {\normalsize\insertinstitute \\ {\color{iseblue}\href{\linka}{\linka}} \\ {\color{iseblue}\href{\linkb}{\linkb}} \\ {\color{iseblue}\href{\linkc}{\linkc}}}
               \inserttitlegraphic % \cooltooltiptoggle{\textcolor{white}{$\boxdot$}}


%no navigationbar
%deprecated: \beamertemplatenavigationsymbolsempty 
\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{} 


    \href{\apssplace/#1.html}{\includegraphics[height=.9em]{qletlogo} \color{magenta}\texttt{#1.xpl}}}

    \href{#1}{\includegraphics[height=.9em]{qletlogo} \color{magenta}\texttt{#2}}}

so where do I have to insert \TileWallPaper{<width>}{<height>}{<filename>} so that it works?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Welcome to TeX.sx! Could you please trim down your code and add the necessary files to compile your example? This will make it easier for others to help. – Matthew Leingang May 16 '12 at 12:44

You can set the background canvas template just before the frame containing \maketitle to include the wallpaper, and then set the template again to \ClearWallPaper to clear the wallpaper from the point you don't want it to appear anymore on:


\title{The Title}
\author{The Author}
\institute{The Institute}


\setbeamertemplate{background canvas}{\TileWallPaper{.25\paperwidth}{.25\paperheight}{ctanlion}}

\setbeamertemplate{background canvas}{\ClearWallPaper}


enter image description here

CTAN lion drawing by Duane Bibby.

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