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Currently, I write a report in LaTeX. Everything goes well except a small problem that bothers me really. The report is written in English except for a summary in French that has to be written in French, for this reason I have imported the \usepackage[french, english]{babel}.

By creating the table of Contents with the command \tableofcontents, the generated document shows Table des Matières instead of Table of Contents. It translated the phrase into French!

The packages I used:

\usepackage{afterpage} %
\usepackage{microtype} % makes pdf look better
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Just after \begin{document} put \selectlanguage{english}; then switch back to French just before the French part of the text: \selectlanguage{french}.

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See this description of the babel package.

Just after \begin{document} switch to english with


This will create a Table of Contents, not a Table des Matières.

Then, just before your summary in french, add


And just after it, switch back to english

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