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I'm looking for some good books on XeTeX to have them as references whenever I want to look up something or learn something new. Level doesn't really matter, either novice or advanced would do but I'd really like the book(s) to be broad in content - like some of the LaTeX books that I've read:

A Guide to LaTeX by H. Kopka and P. Daly

The Not So Short Introduction to LATEX2ε by T. Oetiker

Many thanks for any recommendations,

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XeTeX is in opposite to ConTeXt just another compiler engine (like PDFTeX) and not a separate typesetting system. So it can't do any harm to read LaTeX documentation. A kind of XeTeX documentation is given with the manuals of some specific packages.

I'm sure you will find much more useful information on the XeTeX Project Homepage.

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  1. Many books about LaTeX in general are mentioned here.
  2. Documentation about XeTeX can be found here.
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