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I want the print version of a document have links or URLs written out but the online version have the abbreviated tag/name. So the switch, set at the beginning, will choose between two alternatives, e.g.

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It should be as simple as: (the macro is taken almost verbatim from bidi package)

  \catcode`\$=6 %
  \catcode`\#=12 %
This is \href{http://google.com}{Google}
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Besides the links, there might be other things you need to set for screen viewing or printing, so you will need some sort of a switch. This would normally go in the preamble of the document as shown below.

I will use the ifthen package for the boolean as people still find its syntax useful:


You then set the various parameters as:


What you normally need to take care of, is margins, link colors and the typing of urls. For the links you can define a command as:


The following MWE illustrates the technique and some typical values for settings:



%% Initialize values to ForPrinting=false
\newcommand{\Margins}{hmarginratio=1:1}     % Symmetric margins
\newcommand{\HLinkColor}{blue}              % Hyperlink color
%% Re-set if ForPrinting=true
  \renewcommand{\Margins}{hmarginratio=2:3} % Asymmetric margins
  \renewcommand{\HLinkColor}{black}         % Hyperlink color

  pdftitle={Project Name},
  pdfauthor={Your name},
  pdfstartview=Fit,    % default value
  pdfstartpage=1,      % default value
  pdfpagemode=UseNone, % default value
  bookmarks=true,      % default value
  linktocpage=false,   % default value
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I guess usepackage{hyperef} is to be added to the MWE. – Maesumi May 30 '12 at 21:10
Is the switch to be turned by \setboolean{ForPrinting}{false} ? I get same output in both cases. – Maesumi May 30 '12 at 21:15
@Maesumi The hyperref is added in the MWE above near the linkcolor.You need to setboolean{ForPrinting}{true}, uncomment the line. – Yiannis Lazarides May 30 '12 at 21:27

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