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Context: I'm building a new package for my university. I need to set a lot of options for the document class, like twoside, a4paper, 12pt, or firstpagenum=chapter.

I would like to set them by default in my package without creating a new class. Is it possible?

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Maybe what you actually need to develop is a class file instead of a package. They're equally easy or difficult, depending on your experience. As Grandmaster Carlisle has indicated, unless you use \RequirePackage on top of \documentclass, passing options to a class from a package will require a new invention. Passing options to class after the class file has been read is not possible - and the class file can’t be read twice. In your class file, you can call \PassOptionsToClass before \LoadClass, or, in place of these two commands, simply call \LoadClassWithOptions. – Ahmed Musa May 26 '12 at 2:25

No the class file has been read by the time you load a package, But it sounds like you should be defining a class file. you can have myclass.cls just handle the options it needs and then \LoadClassWithOptions{article} (or whichever base class you need).

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