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\DTLloaddb[noheader,keys={Method, Accuracy, F-Measure(\%), No. of iterations}]{table2}{GDSGD_2.csv}

Hi, I want to include special character in my column header, i am using datatool and DTLloaddb does not seem to work even if escape the special char. (here %)

The document wont compile and it throws lot of errors like Missing: \endcsname inserted.

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Without a MWE, this is untested, but from the error message you quote I would try replacing \% by \safepercent which you could define by

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I tried the one below and it worked for me. I used a dummy header in my csv file.

\DTLloaddb[headers={Method,\shortstack{Accuracy (\%)},\shortstack{F-Score (\%)}, No. of iterations},keys={Method, Accuracy, F-Measure, No. of iterations}]{table3}{tablecsv/GDSGD_3.csv}
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