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I use siunitx to decimal align the contents of tables that I create with Stata's estout, as shown in the MWE below. I think the output is perfect, with the numbers being aligned on the decimal point and "pseudo"-centered under the "ß / SE" and "Margin" columns.

The problem is that I get an overfull hbox warning for every single cell. I've played around with table-space-text-post to include the asterisk, but without any luck. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?




        tight-spacing               = true,
        group-digits                = false ,
        input-signs             = ,
        input-symbols               = ( ) - + *,
        input-open-uncertainty  = ,
        input-close-uncertainty = ,
        table-align-text-post   = false,
        % table-space-text-pre  = -,
        % table-space-text-post = *


&\multicolumn{2}{c}{(1)}                    &\multicolumn{2}{c}{(2)}                    &\multicolumn{2}{c}{(3)}                    \\
&\multicolumn{2}{c}{Column One}              &\multicolumn{2}{c}{Column Two X}&\multicolumn{2}{c}{Column Three XX}\\
&\multicolumn{1}{c}{$\beta$ / SE}         &\multicolumn{1}{c}{Margin}         &\multicolumn{1}{c}{$\beta$ / SE}         &\multicolumn{1}{c}{Margin}         &\multicolumn{1}{c}{$\beta$ / SE}         &\multicolumn{1}{c}{Margin}         \\
\hspace{0.1cm} 18--24&      -0.176         &      -0.044         &      -0.256         &      -0.047         &      -0.820\sym{***}&      -0.101\sym{***}\\
                    &     (0.152)         &                     &     (0.188)         &                     &     (0.310)         &                     \\
\hspace{0.1cm} 25--34&       0.067         &       0.017         &       0.047         &       0.009         &      -0.046         &      -0.006         \\
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If you want to have space reserved for something after the number part in an S column, you will need to reserve appropriate space using table-space-text-post. A slight awkwardness arises as the array package treats * as 'special', so you need braces here:



\begin{tabular}{S[ table-format = -1.3, table-space-text-post = {***}]}


If you are using a custom command (here \sym) in an S column, it really needs to be engine-protected. For that, the \NewDocumentCommand command from xparse is recommended:




\begin{tabular}{S[table-format = -1.3, table-space-text-post = \sym{***}]}

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Thanks, but if I use that on my MWE I still get 3 overfull hboxes because of the parentheses. If I remove them, the warning disappear. input-symbols = ( ) should be correct command to include parentheses, right? – Jörg May 31 '12 at 10:21
@Jörg I was trying to focus the answer of the point in hand (dealing with * as a suffix), so my demo does not cover the other parts of your MWE. As you say, you will need to add the appropriate input-symbols for parentheses: these also need to be allowed for in the table-format (each one requires space for an additional 'digit'). That might make a good, focussed, follow-up question. – Joseph Wright May 31 '12 at 10:24
Okay, that answers my problem then. My initial question was not focussed solely on the *, but on avoiding the hbox warnings. I did not know that one needs to include extra space for the parentheses, so thank you for the clarification. – Jörg May 31 '12 at 10:29
@JosephWright If I understand this correctly this will align the ** below each other even if a number has less decimals than specified with table-format. Is there a way to get the stars left-aligned to the numbers in any case? – clemens Jul 16 '14 at 18:05
@cgnieder Set table-align-text-post = false – Joseph Wright Jul 16 '14 at 19:51

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