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Using LaTeX, I'm trying to fit into the header a minipage containing the page number above a logo. However,

  1. The minipage is pushed out of the header into the head separation space;
  2. The distance between the page number and the logo varies from page to page.

How do I get it right without using fancyhdr?

Here is the code:

\ProvidesClass{blabla}[2012/01/22 v2.0.2 blabla class]
\LoadClass[12pt, legalpaper, oneside, final]{article}
\geometry{top=6mm, headheight=40mm, headsep=40mm, total={165mm,243mm}, includeheadfoot}

Page \arabic{page}


\def\@evenhead{\@oddhead} \def\@evenfoot{\@oddfoot}}

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Why is fancyhdr not an option? – Werner May 30 '12 at 18:26

I don't see why using a complicated way, when fancyhdr can do it more easily:


\geometry{top=6mm, headheight=40mm, headsep=40mm, total={165mm,243mm}, includeheadfoot}

  Page \arabic{page}\\[6pt]




The demo option to graphicx is just for avoiding to have the picture. Note that a figure environment is not necessary for using \includegraphics.

You can fix the height reserved for the header by not setting headheight and letting fancyhdr suggest the suitable value; for example, with this code fancyhdr tells that the height is 86.90962pt, so setting headheight=90pt will be sufficient.

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Thank you for the valuable advice concerning the redundancy of a figure environment for using \includegraphics. It seems to me that in fancyhdr one can manage without minipages. – Christopher Jun 2 '12 at 15:23
@Christopher It should be pointed out that figure environments are not actually redundant to \includegraphics. @egreg's hint refers to your specific purpose being not a common use case for a float, which is what a figure defines. – dgs Jun 2 '12 at 16:54

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