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I apologize because I'm a beginner and I would like to change the output of the unsrt bibliography style, but I can't found anything in 34th tag pages about BibTeX. Also, I tried with other styles but the closest to what I need is unsrt with a little change

I would like an unsorted bibliography style such that the year doesn't appear at the end, but next to the authors' names.

For example:

I don't want this

[1] Robinson G.W., Zhu S.-B., and Evans M.W. Water in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Experimental Overviews and Computational Methodologies. World Scientific, Singapore, 1996."

I'd like something like this

[1] Robinson G.W., Zhu S.-B., and Evans M.W. (1996) Water in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Experimental Overviews and Computational Methodologies. World Scientific, Singapore.

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May be the style cj.bst do the job (only for bibtex). You can download the cj.bst from the link provided and put it in the same folder as your .tex file. An example file follows:

\author{John Doe} \title{Sample Document}
@string{jgr = "J.~Geophys.~Res."}

   author = "Charles Louis Xavier Joseph de la Vall{\'e}e Poussin",
   note = "A strong form of the prime number theorem, 19th century",
   year = 1879

   title = "The Chicago Manual of Style",
   publisher = "University of Chicago Press",
   edition = "Thirteenth",
   year = 1982,
   pages = "400--401",
   key = "Chicago"

   author = "Donald E. Knuth",
   title= "The {{\TeX}book}",
   publisher = "Addison-Wesley",
   year = 1984

   author = "Leslie Lamport",
   title = "{\LaTeX \rm:} {A} Document Preparation System",
   publisher = "Addison-Wesley",
   year = 1986

   author = "Oren Patashnik",
   title = "{Using BibTeX}",
   note = "Documentation for general BibTeX users",
   month = jan,
   year = 1988

   author = "Oren Patashnik",
   title = "Designing BibTeX Styles",
   note = "The part of BibTeX's documentation
                            that's not meant for general users",
   month = jan,
   year = 1988

   author = "Strunk, Jr., William and E. B. White",
   title = "The Elements of Style",
   publisher = "Macmillan",
   edition = "Third",
   year = 1979

   title = "A Handbook for Scholars",
   author = "Mary-Claire van Leunen",
   publisher = "Knopf",
   year = "1979"

   AUTHOR  = {Zurek, R. W. and Martin, L. J.},
   TITLE   = {Interannual Variability of planet-encircling dust activity on {M}ars},
   YEAR    = {1993},
   JOURNAL = jgr,
   VOLUME  = {98},
   NUMBER  = {E2},
   PAGES   = {3247--3259}

  author =       {K.S.Narendra and K.Parthsarathy},
  title =        {Identification and Control of Dynamical System
                  using Neural Networks},
  journal =      "IEENN",
  year =         {1990},
  volume =    {1},
  number =    {1},
  month =     {},
  pages =     {4-27},
  note =      {},
  annote =    {}


According to the handbook of van Leunen \cite{vanleunen},
this paragraph---and certainly this
section---should be longer than one sentence.

\section{More references}

Here we see if the reference \cite{Narendra_1990}
to the Narendra article comes out OK, in particular,
with volume, number \& pages.

The necessary information for those who would use BibTeX
is available in the 1988 document of Prof.\ Patashnik \cite{btxdoc}.
Interested readers who can read French may also
want to read Poussin's proof\cite{primes}, though
it has nothing at all to do with BibTeX.


This is the concluding paragraph.  Here I cite another of
Oren Patashnik's books\cite{btxhak} and, again,
van Leunen's and Poussin's \cite{vanleunen,primes}.

\bibliographystyle{cj}  % (uses file "cj.bst")
\bibliography{myreference}      % expects file "myreference.bib"

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Thanks a lot for your answer, this was very useful. I used this bibtex style but i didn't obtain the style that i needed because i was changing order on author names. I would like to know, how I need to edit the cj.bst, so that, I don't get the year of publication between parenthesis. Also, I wanna know how I need to do, so that I obtain title of periodic publications (Journals) between "" – shadraws May 31 '12 at 11:59
@shadraws: To edit the cj.bst file you may open a new question. – Harish Kumar May 31 '12 at 12:12

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