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I would like to write director name in line with author name in a beamer like:

\author{Made by:\\Author name}
\director{Directed by:\\Director name}

but if I try to define director:

\def\director#1{\def\Director{#1}}\director{Director's Name}

Then it writes on the top of the first frame. Any suggestions?

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You can adopt an approach based on columns environment:


\title{My title}
\institute{My institute}
\author[Author name]{Made by:\\Author name} %<= used the short author name [] for the footline
\newcommand{\director}{Directed by:\\Director name}

% re-definition of the title page
\setbeamertemplate{title page}{
\inserttitle \par
\usebeamerfont{institute}\insertinstitute \par


example text

which gives you:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Notice that I adopted the short name for the author to not display in the footline the string Made by:.

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thanks, it solved my problem – Peter May 31 '12 at 10:30

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