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Does anyone know if there is any way of using \addbibresource pointing to remote files located on a Dropbox server and refered to by the unique Dropbox location link like:


So far for me it does not work.

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Does the url you use return a .bib file? If so, it should work. If it needs a login/password, you'll need to supply these in the url or use environment variables.

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This works, but you have to use the correct link.

Dropbox creates a link to a webpage where you can download the file. To get the link to the actual file you need to copy the link to which the Download button leads. The resulting link is much longer, and when inputted in a browser it will immediately (ask you to) download the .bib file instead of presenting the Dropbox page first.

You should use that long link in the addbibresource command.

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