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A want to rotate my table but not on a newpage that is why i use hvFloat instead of sidewaystable. But with this one i have an other issue. The table won't get under the title. Is there someone who has an idea to force this table to be under the section title?

enter image description here

Here is a minimal code with my issue :

\usepackage [frenchb]{babel}                       
\usepackage [ansinew]{inputenc}                
\usepackage [T1]{fontenc}                          


        1 & 2 & 3 \\
            (As)& 16,00 & 300,00 \\
            (Sb)& 10,87 & <5,00\\
            (Ba)& 100,00 & 42,00 \\
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In the package documentation you will find (section 8):

The nonfloat Option

Sometimes it is better to put a "float" in a specific position of the page. This is possible with the nonfloat package and the option nonFloat=true.

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Doh! I had it before my eyes and didn't saw it... Thanks a lot :-/ And sorry to ask something that was clearly written... – Rave Jun 1 '12 at 12:07

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