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I was beating my head up with latex for this but couldn't come up with a properly formatted output.

So basically, what I want is a large font text on the left (Company name) and 2-3 lines of comparitively small text on the right in line with the large text. ( Address of the company)

So basically, I want something like

ABC COMPANY <Empty Space>Address

Where ABC Company is large font and Address in a block of 3 lines in parallel to the big text. I hope it makes it clear.

Can anyone help? Much appreciated!

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You could use two minipage environments, separated/flushed by \hfill. The alignment inside the minipages can be switched to top-aligned by replacing the [b] with a [t].

enter image description here



\Large Company Name
99 MyStreet\\
ZIP Code etc.\\
The City of New Orleans


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Thank you. Much appreciated! – user15307 Jun 5 '12 at 8:57

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