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I'm using moderncv to typeset my CV. One of the challenges I have with this package is the inconsistent top margins (as shown in the MWE below). If a new page starts with a section, it will have an additional 1 cm of vertical space. A quick-and-dirty solution to this is to add \vspace*{-1cm} whenever this happens, but obviously this is not the best solution. I want \section to not add any extra space when it happens the first thing in a page. How can I do this?

Here's the MWE:


\moderncvcolor{purple}  % No, I don't really use purple for my CV



    \cventry{Jan.~2012 to Present}{Dream job}{World-class employer}{A megacity}{}{}

    \cventry{Sept.~2007 to Aug.~2011}{Ph.D. in \TeX ology}{University of \TeX land}{\TeX land}{}{}

\vspace*{-1cm}       % not-so-good solution
\section{Awards and Honors}
    \cventry{2011}{Best Person Award}{Consortium of Bad People}{}{}{}

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You want to replace \vspace* with \vspace in moderncvs definition of \section. Add the following to your preamble:

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I recently come across \patchcmd quite often. I guess it's time I take a look at etoolbox's manual... well, I just did. – Ali Mehrizi Jun 6 '12 at 15:44
Actually moderncv loads etoolbox too. – Ali Mehrizi Jun 6 '12 at 15:47

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