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To keep in line with the Q&A format:

I am on Ubuntu Lucid, with the frozen TexLive 2011, from where I installed texdef. Unfortunately, when I ran one of the examples from the help (and I installed xspace) specifically for this, I got:

$ texdef -t latex -l -p xspace
Compile error: Undefined control sequence.

What is the problem?


Versions discussed here:

$ texdef --version
texdef: Version 1.6 -- 2012/05/02

$ grep -A3 'ProvidesPackage' `kpsewhich currfile.sty`
    Provides the file path elements of the current input file]
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Please report bugs directly to the package/script author using the provided email address in the package manual. This is not a page for bug reports. (Even if the author, here me, is a regular) – Martin Scharrer Jun 12 '12 at 19:52
And please provide the version of the script (and currfile) you are using. TeX Live 2011 is not an exact description, it's just the distribution. I updated texdef (and currfile) several times during the 2011 live cycle. – Martin Scharrer Jun 12 '12 at 19:58
Hi @MartinScharrer - thanks for the notes; added versions above. Sorry for posting here; but unfortunately when I discover bugs (like this time), I'm usually not in a position to utilize my mail - so I thought I'd better just quickly post something where I can do it quite quickly. (A bug report page for Latex packages that accepts OpenID would really do the trick for me, I guess). Apologies again! – sdaau Jun 17 '12 at 18:21
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This issue is fixed in v1.7b from 2012/05/15 available from CTAN and from the Bitbucket Mercurial Repository including a TDS ZIP file for easy install. There is also a bug tracker where issues can be reported. Please ensure that you have the latest released version before reporting issues.

The same is true for currfile: CTAN, Bitbucket Mercurial Repository.

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Many thanks for the fix, @MartinScharrer - and apologies again for posting the bug publicly. – sdaau Jun 17 '12 at 18:22

Thankfully, texdef is a Perl script - so I added a print $_ to the texpipe, to observe results - and the texing process was crashing at:

! Undefined control sequence.
l.42         \currfile@realmainfilefalse

! Extra \fi.
l.53 \fi\fi

Since texdef depends on currfile, that must be the source of errors - and indeed, there are some mismatching definitions:

$ grep -i '20..\|ifcurrfile@abspath' `kpsewhich currfile-abspath.sty`
$ grep -i '20..\|ifcurrfile@abspath' `kpsewhich currfile.sty`

$ grep 'ifcurrfile@' `kpsewhich currfile-abspath.sty`

$ grep 'ifcurrfile@' `kpsewhich currfile.sty`
\expandafter\ifx\csname ifcurrfile@realmainfile\endcsname\relax

These two hacks seem to solve the problem:

sed -i 's/ifcurrfile@abspath@windows/ifcurrfile@abspath/' `kpsewhich currfile-abspath.sty`
sed -i 's_\\let\\ifcurrfile@realmainfile_\\newif\\ifcurrfile@realmainfile\n\\let\\ifcurrfile@realmainfile_' `kpsewhich currfile.sty`

And now I can happily run the example command line:

$ texdef -t latex -l -p xspace
Defined by file 'xspace.sty':
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