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What font packages are installed in a full installation of TeX live? Which are obsolete? Example: \usepackage{mathpazo} brings Palatino as the roman font. The times package seems to be obsolete (as noted in l2tabuen). I only ask for "easy to use" packages to be used with \usepackage{...}.

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Fonts accessible with a simple \usepackage{〈font〉} call:

(*) means that the package makes this font the default text font.

  • arev - Arev, a sans-serif font (*) with math enhancements; derived from Bitstream Vera Sans
  • avant - Sets the sans-serif font to Avant Garde
  • bera - Bera Serif (roman,*), Bera Sans (sans-serif), Bera Mono (typewriter); derived from Bitstream Vera; math font: Computer Modern
  • bookman - roman font: Bookman (*), sans-serif font: Avant Garde, typewriter font: Courier
  • cabin - Sets the sans-serif font to Cabin
  • chancery - roman font: Chancery (*)
  • charter - roman font: Charter (*)
  • cmbright - CM Bright, lighter sans-serif variant of Computer Modern Sans Serif (sans-serif, *), CM Typwewriter Light (typewriter)
  • concrete - Concrete Roman (roman,*) with Euler (math)
  • courier - typewriter font: Courier
  • dejavu - DejaVu Serif (roman,*), DejaVu Sans (sans-serif), DejaVu Sans Mono (typewriter); derived from Bitstream Vera
  • droid - Droid Serif (roman,*), Droid Sans (sans-serif), Droid Sans Mono(typewriter)
  • ebgaramond - roman font: EB Garamond (*)
  • euler - Math font
  • fourier - Sets the serif font to Adobe Utopia (*) and the math font to Fourier (designed to be compatible with Utopia)
  • fouriernc Sets the serif font to (a clone of) NewCentury Schoolbook (*) and the math font to Fouriernc (designed to be compatible with NewCentury)
  • helvet - Helvetica
  • inconsolata - set typewriter font to inconsolata
  • kpfonts - roman (*), sans-serif and typewriter font from the Kepler Project, text and math symbols
  • lato - sans-serif font
  • libertineotf (obsolete) - (Open Type) Linux Libertine (roman,*), Linux Biolinum (sans-serif), and Libertine Mono (typewriter)
  • libertine - (Type 1 & Open Type) Linux Libertine (roman,*) and Linux Biolinum (sans-serif), and Libertine Mono (typewriter)
  • librebaskerville - roman font: Libre Baskerville (*)
  • lmodern - almost identical fonts to Computer Modern (the default TeX fonts), but in Type1 format (outline).
  • mathdesign - text and maths fonts, versions for Charter, Garamond and Utopia.
  • mathpazo - changes roman font to Palatino (*), math to something matching.
  • mathptmx - roman font is Times (*), math is basically Times Italic, with the missing math symbols coming from Computer Modern, RSFS (for \mathcal) and Adobe Symbol
  • newcent - roman font: New Century Schoolbook (*), sans-serif: Avant Garde, typewriter: Courier
  • newtx Provides, with the package newtxtext Young Ryu's TXfonts, but with modified metrics (*=Times Roman). Similarly, newtxmath provides the TXfonts math companion fonts with modified metrics. The sans-serif font is based on Helvetica and the typewriter font is especially created.
  • quattrocento - Quattrocento (roman,*), Quattrocento Sans (sans-serif)
  • tgadventor Sets the sans-serif font to TeX Gyre Adventor (clone of AvantGarde)
  • tgbonum Sets the serif font to TeX Gyre Bonum (clone of Bookman,*)
  • tgchorus Sets the serif font to TeX Gyre Chorus (clone of Zapf Chancery,*)
  • tgcursor Sets the typewriter type font to TeX Gyre Cursor (clone of Courier)
  • tgheros Sets the sans-serif font to TeX Gyre Heros (clone of Helvetica)
  • tgpagella Sets the serif font to TeX Gyre Pagella (clone of Palatino,*)
  • tgschola Sets the serif font to TeX Gyre Schola (clone of New Century Schoolbook,*)
  • tgtermes Sets the serif font to TeX Gyre Termes (clone of Times,*)
  • times (obsolete) - changes roman to Times (*), sans-serif to Helvetica and typewriter to Courier
  • yfonts - provides Yiannis Haralambous's rendering of Fraktur, Schwabacher and Gotische and a set of beautiful initials.

Fonts not accessible with a simple \usepackage{〈font〉} call:

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I don't have the time to do right now, but this might be more clearly arranged as a <pre>-table? One column each for serif, sans-serif, typewriter, math, and what the font is a clone of. –  doncherry Jun 11 '12 at 8:49
It should be mentioned that for instance newtx is not yet available for regular users of TeXLive. Either you run a development snapshot, or you wait for TeXLive 2012 (shouldn't be far out). –  mSSM Jun 19 '12 at 9:16
How can gentium be used as default font with pdflatex from texlive 2012? Somehow gentium is included in texlive but cannot be accessed with \usepackage{gentium}. Thx. –  user17619 Aug 15 '12 at 13:18
@Daniel Welcome to TeX.sx! Answer posts are intended for solutions to the original question. If you have a similar question which is not answered here, please post it as a fresh one using the "Ask Question" link above. Follow-up questions like this are more than welcome! Please also include a link to this question to provide the background. –  Stefan Kottwitz Aug 15 '12 at 14:50

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